Let's face it: IT Admin can be one heck of a job. Constantly re-cloning PCs, restoring the network, and fixing computers... it's an endless battle.

But not anymore. Because with HDGUARD software, you'll save around 28 hours per week in IT Admin on a typical school computer network.

HDGUARD restores PCs with every reboot!

On a HDGUARD network, all changes made to protected PCs are simply diverted to a hidden area on the hard disk, and ignored on restart.

There's no need to re-image or restore from backup partitions and HDGUARD provides instant system recovery - every time.

What really makes HDGUARD stand out, is the ability to easily manage your entire network from one central location – even via the internet – with its HDGUARD.master and HDGUARD.remote modules.

  • HDGUARD.master – Central Management of all HDGUARD clients on your entire network
  • HDGUARD.remote – World-wide remote control of multiple HDGUARD networks

Entire school districts can be connected via HDGUARD.remote for simple, cost-effective network management of multiple schools from one single location.

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Still not convinced? Then here's our "We Love our Competitors" Guarantee:

"If, after 2 months of using HDGUARD, you're not totally, 100%, absolutely satisfied with the results, we'll replace it with a competitor product of your choice instead."

That's right, if you buy HDGUARD and you're not happy with it after 2 months, all you need to do is tell us which competitor product you'd like instead, and we'll replace HDGUARD with that (up to the same value). There's no hidden catch, and no small print.

Raving Fans

Here's what other IT Managers at schools throughout Australia & New Zealand are saying about HDGUARD:

  • We have used HDGUARD on 400 of our student PCs. It has reduced our software support callouts by 75%.

    Its intuitive layout and remote management with HDGUARD.master is a pleasure to use.

    We've been particularly impressed with the prompt response we have received with any of our support requests.

    Duane O'Brien, Rosny College, TAS

  • I cannot begin to tell you how much time HDGUARD has saved the college.

    It literally has been a set and forget product. The only time we need to visit machines now is if there is a hardware fault.

    Scott Burke, Ballarat Secondary College, VIC

  • If you waste hours fixing computer software problems, HDGUARD will pay for itself quickly. The effects of data loss, viruses and program crashes are reversed by a simple restart.

    Sydney Morning Herald

Our Guarantee

"If, after 2 months of using HDGUARD, you’re not totally, 100%, absolutely satisfied with the results, we’ll replace it with a competitor product of your choice instead."

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Why HDGUARD is your best solution:

  • Enormous Reduction in IT Management Time by eliminating the need to restore, re-image and constantly fix PCs on your network. Average savings approx 28 hours per week (based on 100-client network)
  • Reduced Network Running Costs by allowing you to divert IT resources to more important areas. HDGUARD is guaranteed to pay for itself in just 2 months!
  • Better Learning Outcome at your School by reducing computer downtime and student exposure to unwanted material. Computers in a mess? Just restart!

How much?

100-clients $29.00 per PC
200-clients $24.40 per PC
300-clients $18.60 per PC

HDGUARD has no Annual Maintenance Fees!
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Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

HDGUARD is developed by a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner